Hi folks,

In this blogpost I will be revealing an application that I have been working on for a while. I have designed SleepyOne application to help you find the best time to wake up and sleep.

The idea of this application was inspired by this website https://sleepyti.me. I used this website heavily when I was overloaded with work and had barely anytime to sleep. It helped me to find the right time to wake up feeling fully energised after a short nap with no headache, no a grumpy mood and without the need for a cup of coffee! it worked perfectly.

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The downside with the website is that visiting the webpage every night to find the best time and then going to the Alarm application to set the alarm for this specific time was very inconvenient and a lot of work.  Therefore, I decided to create an application with similar logic yet more powerful and efficient tools that enhances the user experience, making the process simple and easy.

More about the application 

The main idea behind the technique used in this application is the concept of sleep inertia. This concept suggests that our sleep is divided into cycles. Each cycle consist of a specific interval, generally measured in minutes. Therefore, one should wake up at the end on a cycle in order to wake up feeling energised.

  • Main Features

    • Find the perfect sets of time for waking up if you are planning to sleep now.
    • Find the perfect sets of time for sleeping if you want to wake up at a certain time.
    • Set an alarm to wake you up on one or multiple selected times.

Its worth mentioning that this method might not be for everyone and some people would need time to adjust with this technique of waking up.

  • Supports

Currently, the application is available for Android devices only.

  • For developers

This project is designed to be an open source, the code will be available in GitHub soon!

  • Release Date

Will be announced soon! Stay tuned 🙂

  • Comment and Feedback

I would love to hear any comment on the application.  your opinion is always appreciated and would definitely help to make this application better!


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