Hi everyone!

I have been asked by many why did I choose to write blogs? What do they add to me? or is it to generate revenue through reviewing products and commercial ads? Therefore, I thought it a good time to address all these questions.

My passion for blogging started when I was at university and was overloaded with university work. I felt that I needed a place to express my thoughts and opinions on different matters without being judged.


Later on, I came to realise that when I was student, I spent many long hours surfing the web, especially tech blogs, looking for educational answers and explanations of many concepts which books failed to address in simple terms. I always found blogs to be the fastest and cheapest way to learn something thoroughly, expand on current knowledge or learn something new from scratch. So, I have decided that I would like to give back to the community and share my findings as a researcher and my knowledge with others out there who share the same interest or are working on similar problems.

Since the main goal of this blog is to be an open source of information available to all and free of charge, I don’t plan to add any commercial ads to the website because from a reader’s point of view, I was very annoyed to see the commercial ads popping up everywhere when I read a blog post and in many cases it made me close the page before reading the entire thing.

The similar concept applies for the tech/gadget reviews, I do purchase these product with my own coin and review them from my perspective as engineer to provide an in-depth, educational opinion.

My Post-4

In this way, I can express my opinion about the product freely and give an honest review of the product without being biased.

Hope I was able to answer all your questions regarding this matter and if you are a blogger or if you would like to start a blog, I would love to hear your story, let me know in the comment section below.

Have a great day 🙂





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