Hello there,

In the tech world, the terms Machine learning and Deep learning are everywhere nowadays. One might ask a number of questions:

  • What is deep learning?
  • How deep learning is different from machine learning?
  • Why should I learn about it and why are it is important?
  • How can I implement an algorithm with deep learning to solve a specific problem?

All of these questions will be answered in a series of blogposts I am calling  “Deep Learning: From A to Z”. The reason behind creating this series is because when I first wanted to learn about deep learning for a research I am working on, I found out that the resources available online can be overwhelming, from Youtube videos to numerous online courses, articles, etc. Therefore, this series of blogposts will focus on the basics and taking it one step at time to reach the final goal which is being a professional in Deep Learning.

Getting a bit technical here, in order to start you will have to have a good knowledge in Linux, Shell scripts and Python. I will be using Linux and Shell scripts to run Python programs, however, if you find yourself more comfortable in running Python programs in other operating systems then go for it.

My next blogpost in this series will be on the tools required and a bit of theory behind the concept of deep learning. 

Stay tuned! 




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