When I started my career as a network infrastructure engineer, I struggled to find a direct guide on what to expect and what would be the sort of projects I will be working on throughout my career. Hence, I have decided to start this blogpost series to help me refer to these concepts whenever I need them in future and to introduce whom might be starting in the same field to the important concepts, challenges, skills and lessons that I have learnt throughout my career. So, please enjoy this journey with me!

In this series, I will be guiding you through the concepts that you need to know in order to kick-start your career as a network infrastructure engineer. We will start by exploring the different possible projects you might be working on such as

  1. You could be assigned to design and plan a network infrastructure for a building. By the end of this project, this building would need to be fully equipped with all the network devices and connectivity in order for other employees to carry out the day to day operations. Optimised and loop-free designs are always should be considered throughout the designing phase of any network infrastructure project.
  2. Or you could be assigned to monitor active servers, gateways and switches in order to ensure the availability and connectivity of users and perform periodic updates and maintenance to these devices.
  3. Another thing you will have to do is to troubleshoot and fix the issues that arise in timely manner. It is important to, also, prepare standby devices which will ensure that the network stays up and active even in case of failure.

In designing the network infrastructure of a premise, you will hear terms such as backbone, horizontal and vertical cabling. In the next blogpost, I will introduce these concepts in details along with a variety of devices and tools that are used in the designing phase of such project.

Stay tuned!


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