Imagine you wake up one day, look around you and nothing seems to be as it is used to be, although nothing have changed but you feel that what you have been doing for the past couple of years is not actually what you have desired to do. Been sitting in an office, juggling multiple projects all day and trying to work as hard as you could without realising what your goal is, what is that thing you are trying to achieve beyond the success of completing a project in hand, or the next project assigned by your supervisor at work. You opened your eyes to realise that what you have been doing for such a long time is leading you to nowhere and regardless of how much you tried to convince yourself otherwise, you know within yourself that this is not where you want to be and you know deep down that you would rather be doing something else, learning new skills, contributing to the community, achieving your dreams, etc. You ask yourself “What is stopping me? What is stopping me from chasing my passion?”. The answer is simple, it is finding the courage within you.

Often, we stop ourselves from taking the right decision which we believe within ourselves will get us to where we want to be because we are afraid of failure, the consequences and the million scenarios of “what-if”. We are worried about what others might think of our decisions, how we will be judged if we let go of a secure job and run after achieving our dreams. You will end up having a battle of thoughts in your mind and end up giving up and going back to your comfort zone. Doing what you have always been doing.

In this very moment, you have got to pause, raise your head of the very cluttered desk and think of what you would say when you look back 10 years from now, would you be proud of where you are and what you have achieved? Did you give back to the community as much as you wanted? Did you enjoy every minute of your work? Are you happy with your life? or did you just do the same thing over and over to make someone else’s dream come true without realising that it is too late to make yours come true, are you regretting every minute you spent arguing at work for something that isn’t really worth fighting for. If you don’t act soon enough, this scenario will most likely turn into your daily life.

Therefore, it’s necessary to take the right decision in the right time. You know what is your ultimate goal and with commitment and hard work you will get there, it is just a matter of taking the first step. This process is like when you want to reach to a destination, you know how to drive and your car is parked outside, it’s just the matter of getting up, turning on the engine, taking off and driving on, you will eventually reach where you want to be.

Taking the right decision requires courage in order to standup for what you really want and to fight any obstacle that you might encounter along the way. And only once you reach to your goal, you will feel fulfilled for getting out of your comfort zone and taking the right decision.

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